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Great app, interesting facts, attention grabbers, good statements of teaching health class... though it would be great if the developers had a true or false section | or way to build mini quizzes/true or false etcetera which were exportable to Mac iCloud and windows one drive!!!!


If you know anything about your health now, this app is not worth your time. There is just superficial information This app has very very easy health concepts. The most advanced fact they have is the one you see above in the app pictures

Really good

This app is a good time passer to learn new things! There is nothing wrong with it.


Stupid don't get it wast of your time

Not what I was expecting

I thought this app would have interesting, more uncommon facts. Most of these you learned in your 4th grade health class. Very straightforward and nothing I haven't already heard.

Good True Facts

And anyone who says otherwise should. Try actually LEARNING that "medicine" doesn't just mean drugs, but is basically a physical study of the human body


The facts this app offers are next to worthless. Don't take anything this app says as fact.

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